Google Drive Desktop in English

Setting up my new Windows 8 machine and I just realize Google Drive Windows client recognizes my locale as 'Thai'.

The problem is not about UI but the default folder name is in Thai, "Google ไดร์ว" while I want it be just "Google Drive".

The story is more complex as there is no Language Preference in Google Drive client yet. So you need some workarounds by adding


in Windows Environment Variables.

See detailed procedure at Google Drive Forum

Download All Your Photos Back from PicPlz

Today's Sad news is PicPlz shutting down (Blognone story).

As one of their early users, I posted a lot of photos there. These photos are part of my memory which I don't want to lose (This is a very good example of digital preservation). The bad thing is PicPlz team does not provide data downloading tool and you need to download it one by one.

I have total 396 photos on PicPlz so manually downloading is not possible. However we live in computing era and this can be possible with a few tricks.

Restart X Shortcut on Ubuntu

The good old handy shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Backspace for restarting X Window has been disabled since Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope (reference). The reason is preventing Windows users from accidentally reboot his/her desktop. Sound reasonable for me.

By the way, sometimes X Window fails to load and you need something to fix it quickly. After little investigation, I found a new key-combo for restarting X in recent Ubuntu releases:



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